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Sales Policy

Updated April 2020.

All of Archer's Acres goats are registered ADGA Nigerian Dwarves. They will be up to date on vaccines and de-wormings, disbudded & tattooed. Any goat can be microchipped for an additional fee. We have a CAE, Johne's, TB & Brucellosis free herd. The boys can be wethered if the new owner so desires prior to going to their new homes (See Below). The does can be bred to one of our bucks of the purchasers choosing for an additional fee (at our discretion). Babies can be sold as bottle babies or purchaser can wait until they are weaned to purchase (8wks)* (Payment in full is required to hold any baby until 8 weeks of age).

All goats are registerable with ADGA and are free of disqualifying faults at the time of purchase. I guarantee they are healthy at the time of sale. I cannot control any stress that may occur as a result of leaving our farm and going into a new environment. It is up to the buyer to ensure proper housing, feeding and management to prevent illness and injury. Stress can be common when moving from one environment to another and illness can occur as a result. We will not be responsible for stress of any kind after the animal leaves our property. We maintain a clean herd and do annual testing on all animals over 6 months old. Seller is in no way responsible for ​any vet bills made after said goat leaves the care of Archer's Acres. 

Goats are herd animals and require a herd to remain healthy and happy. We will not sell a single goat by itself unless you already own goats or another appropriate herd mate. 

​Non- Refundable deposits taken to reserve an Archer's Acres Nigerian Dwarf. Deposits will hold your animal for 1 week until payment and pick up can be arranged. Payment in full is required prior to any animal leaving our premises. Once payment in full has been made animals should be picked up within 72 hours. If animals are not picked up in a timely manner additional fees will be charged for boarding. If animal is not picked up within 2 weeks of payment the animal will be considered abandoned and purchaser will forfeit all rights to said animal and any payments made. We will hold doe and intact buck kids until 8 weeks of age with payment in full, but they must be picked up by 10 weeks of age.

Payment plans are available.

Wethers: Wethers are sold without registration papers. If purchased as a bottle baby (younger than 8 weeks) they are sent home intact. You can bring them back at no additional charge and we will wether them for you or you can have them done on your own. If you want us to wether a boy for you that you are purchasing from us and he is older than 8 weeks old we can wether him prior to him going home with you but we do require the full purchase price up front prior to doing the surgery.

*We will not hold boys intended to be purchased as a wether until they are 8 weeks old.

We reserve the right to retain or hold back any kid of our own breeding.

Whole Herd Tested Negative Spring 2017: CAE, CL, Brucellosis & Johne's.