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Archer's Acres Nigerian Dwarf Goat!

Archer's Acres Goats

The Nigerian Dwarf

We raise Nigerian Dwarves because they are a miniature dairy breed with lots of personality.  I wanted a breed that would be easy to milk for my soaps and is very friendly so my son could play with them and I wouldn't have to worry about them knocking him over and hurting him.  We really love this breed, they are so friendly and also very colorful which makes them lots of fun to look at. All of our herd is ADGA registered and we do yearly testing to make sure the herd remains healthy.  We do have goats available from time to time. It is best to check our Facebook Page or visit our website often to see what is available. Our herd is on DHIA Milk Test, we do once daily milking.

Whole Herd Tested Negative Spring 2017: CAE, CL, Brucellosis & Johne's. 

Archer's Acres Goats

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Updated July 2017.